[Bug 102025] Re: [need-packaging] NoMachine NX server and client

Serge van Ginderachter serge at vanginderachter.be
Tue Jun 5 18:44:41 UTC 2007

I have been a long time supporter of the nomachine software, until I noticed
- nomachine seems not well supported in OSS-land
- I got acknowledgement from a packager (Seveas) that nomachine sucks for a. not being fully open source, b. using old software versions (Xfree), not co-operating etc
- I must admit nomachine seems indeed only very partially supported, and AFAIK no major Linux distribution supports is.
- even the FreeNX project seems to be defunct.

I'm just summing up some reasons I believe to be the cause of why there
is no broader NX adoption. For the same reason, adopting NX in Ubuntu
might not be the best idea around. Sadly, nut even after several years,
there is no sign whatsoever of an official freenx.deb package.

Now, the reason I post this, is that I only today discovered about the
xrdp project (http://xrdp.sourceforge.net/). I have no reason to push
this whatsoever, I just want to ask: "might this be a better project to
integrate in Ubuntu?" as all componnets are fully open source here. The
only minus is that the RDP protocol is proprietary to Microsoft. On the
other hand it is a very broadly used protocol, cross-platform thanks to
rdesktop, and very performant.

"Server-based computing" (think RDP but also Citrix) is very demanded in
corporate world. Having a robust and compatible solution in Ubuntu would
definitely be a major plus.

[need-packaging] NoMachine NX server and client
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