[Bug 945] Re: module-assistant fails to compile unicorn-source

Pascal Vincent pvincent00 at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 10 22:58:21 UTC 2007

On edgy, i think the driver do not compile because driver is outdated (uncompatible with linux kernel version > 2.14)
Since january of 2006, a new upstream driver version (0.9.3) is available at
(sorry, it's in french, so i join the downlodable zip file)

There is someone working on this here :
(sorry in french again)
It would be awesome if the driver can be include "by default" in ubuntu kernel to have a plug and play working driver.
At least, it would be cool to have an up to date package.

For information, here is the changelog of the new version:

Version 0.9.3:	
- Added support for PCI cards with the 20174 AFE.
- Added PCI modem SW library compiled with -mregparm=3 (modem_ant_PCI_LINUX.o.regparm3).
This library should be used with kernels compiled with -mregparm=3 (Ex: Fedora Core 2).
- Now works for kernel 2.6.14 and newer (skb_unlink parameter change)
- Eliminated a few compiler warnings with gcc 4.
- Modem SW library version not longer included.
- Replace call to "shutdown_atm_dev" with "atm_dev_deregister" (kernel 2.6.15).

** Attachment added: "New 0.9.3 upstream version"

module-assistant fails to compile unicorn-source

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