[Bug 96330] Re: [UNMETDEPS] phpix has unmet dependencies

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Thu Apr 12 14:21:40 UTC 2007

Hi Maurizio,

I just reviewd your debdiff and tried to apply it.
Please check your debdiff again and fix it. 

The Output from patch -p1 < ../your-debdiff is:

shermann at LT420:~/packages/feisty/phpix/phpix-2.0.2$ patch < ../phpix_2.0.2-6ubuntu1.diff
can't find file to patch at input line 4
Perhaps you should have used the -p or --strip option?
The text leading up to this was:
|diff -Nru /tmp/eECpJCGi4t/phpix-2.0.2/debian/changelog /tmp/e1JTPSbYvm/phpix-2.0.2/debian/changelog
|--- /tmp/eECpJCGi4t/phpix-2.0.2/debian/changelog       2004-02-23 01:22:08.000000000 +0100
|+++ /tmp/e1JTPSbYvm/phpix-2.0.2/debian/changelog       2007-04-11 14:25:39.000000000 +0200
File to patch:

[UNMETDEPS] phpix has unmet dependencies
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