[Bug 42269] Re: Does not create a tray icon

Eric Bartels ebartels at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 05:56:19 UTC 2006

The problem effects azureus 2.5.0 in edgy too.  I downloaded the source
to take a look.  The problem is that many of the icons are corrupted.

Take a look at:

That is the icon that should be showing up in the systray, but it's been
corrupted somehow.  There are a bunch of em in there that are not right.

running file :
a16.png: PNG image data, CORRUPTED

You can quickly seen which ones by firing up nautilus and taking a look
at the above mentioned folder.  The ones that aren't showing thumbnails
are the problems. Check subfolders, too.  For instance, all PNGs in the
imagebutton folder are not right.

I replaced these icons with ones from upstream and rebuilt the package,
and that fixed the problem.

So, looks like someone needs to grab upstream again and repackage.

Does not create a tray icon

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