[Bug 63647] Re: [UNMETDEPS] Edgy, user-he, Broken dependencies

Martin Jürgens martin at gamesplace.info
Mon Oct 16 14:05:20 UTC 2006

The firefox-locale-he problem could be fixed by syncing from Debian.

But the hdate-applet one is very hard to fix. It's build depends on
libhdate-dev. The build of libhdate-dev depends on fp-compiler, which is
provided by fpc. But the build of fpc is blocked by a missing dependency
on fp-compiler. So we are running in a circle. I already tried to remove
the build-dependencies on fp-* but I can not run debuild -S. I am going
to create a bug against fpc.

** Changed in: user-he (Ubuntu)
     Assignee: Martin Jürgens => (unassigned)

[UNMETDEPS] Edgy, user-he, Broken dependencies

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