[Bug 42086] Re: [Bug 42086] Re: gpg-agent has wrong dependency to pinentry-ncurses

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Tue Jun 6 21:23:17 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 06 June 2006 22:57, Stefan Hinker wrote:
> Stephan,
> I agree - gnupg-agent does work as shipped with dapper.
> However, you need a valid configuration file in ~/.gnupg
> Of course, this is a no brainer...  but if there is *no* config file,
> it fails to work.  At least, it failed for me *before* I started
> looking around for newer versions.  The problem was the non-existing
> socket file.  Fixed using the right entry in the config file.

Hmm..works here without adjusting my configfile.
I just enabled gpg-agent during X startup (/etc/X11/Xsession.options add 
gpg-agent there)

> As for what doesn't work: gpgsm fails to import PKCS12 keys.  This is
> true for all versions prior to 1.9.20-1, as documented in bug #19333.
> This has nothing to do with gnupg-agent or kmail, it's just the
> S/MIME support that doesn't work.

That's right. I tested it last week with a pcmcia PKCS card reader of a 
friend. Device is recognized, but gpg does not work with it. Something 
for edgy.

> Here's the list of packages that I installed to get S/MIME support
> working (iirc): gpgsm   1.9.20-1
> gnupg2  1.9.20-1
> libksba8        0.9.13-1
> kdepim  4:3.5.2-0ubuntu6
> kmail   4:3.5.2-0ubuntu6
> gnupg-agent     1.9.20-1

gpgsm is known to not be bugfree. That's why we don't have it in main. 
gpgsm but is one of the important packages for Kubuntu being a goverment 
desktop distro. But this is something we can address for edgy. Hoping 
that upstream is fixing some serious bugs. But this has nothing to do 
with normal gpg mime emails, which won't work without gpg-agent :)

> For me, having S/MIME support in the mailer is essential.  It works
> more or less in Kmail - depending on how little "less" really is,
> I'll have to switch to thunderbird eventually.  If Kmail will support
> these features without using the gnupg-agent and the rest of the back
> end - fine :-)  The question is - when?

The reason why kmail is not support gpg mime formatted mails directly 
is, that you have to parse emails in a very strange way. using 
gpg-agent api will give you some more freedom. But as I said, it would 
be better for kmail not to rely on gpg-agent.

And when this whishlist bug will be fixed in kde upstream? I think 
never, but I hope very soon ;)


St. Hermann
SysAdmin and Linux specialist

gpg-agent has wrong dependency to pinentry-ncurses

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