[Bug 42086] Re: gnupg-agent does not work with kmail in dapper

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Tue Jun 6 20:00:57 UTC 2006

kmail and gpg-agent and pinentry-qt does work in dapper (I have it
running on my laptop here and on other installation, too, although I
don't like gpg-agent).

the only problem here is the dependency of gpg-agent and pinentry-

Stefan, which packages did you install? If I understand you right, you installed debian testing packages, yes? If this is the case, we don't support this configuration. 
We don't even support gpg-agent (because it's in universe) together with kmail. 
But we do know that this combination from dapper just works.

The correct solution is to fix kmail to not rely on gpg-agent. But this
bug will never be fixed, according to kde upstream ;) so we need a
better solution for edgy.

I will change the title of this bug to : "gpg-agent has wrong dependency
to pinentry-ncurses".

Possible solution to resolve this issue:

creating meta packages for gpg-agent-kde, gpg-agent-gtk and depending on
the right pinentry packages for the specified desktop.

** Summary changed:

- gnupg-agent does not work with kmail in dapper
+ gpg-agent has wrong dependency to pinentry-ncurses

** Description changed:

  gnupg-agent does not really work with kmail in dapper. when I select
  messages in my sent-mail folder, messages encrypted with my own key of
  course, kmail says it can't retrieve the passphrase (retry/cancel).
  Without the agent I am asked for the passphrase every time of course,
  but I can decrypt all those mails.
+ Add from \sh:
+ pinentry-ncurses does not work with KDE, so we need to install pinentry-qt for a working kmail with gpg/mime support.

** Changed in: gnupg2 (Ubuntu)
       Status: Unconfirmed => Confirmed

** Changed in: gnupg2 (Ubuntu)
     Assignee: Kubuntu Team => MOTU

gpg-agent has wrong dependency to pinentry-ncurses

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