[Bug 4048] Re: [Dapper] qgo segmentation fault

Loïc loic.martin3 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 16 22:54:22 UTC 2006

I'll have no internet starting from tomorrow. If the packages maintainer
reads this, here is a summary :

Ubuntu qgo packages are useless at the moment (they segfault on Dapper,
Ubuntu or Xubuntu - and it should be the same for Kubuntu). They might
(according to EB) even segfault on Debian.

So there's no point compiling them

qgo's last version as for today (the one in Edgy), that is 1.5r1 or 2,
still has the bug (so it's useless).

The bug is fixed in the CVS version, so there's 2 possibilities:
-either hope qgo releases a new version before Edgy freezes, or get an UVF (highly unlikely for something like a go program :)
- get the fix into Ubuntu's 1.5 packages.

According to qgo's developper, the fix is really small (uninitialased
variable, only happens on Debian systems)

Cheers, and thanks for the one that will address the problem!

[Dapper] qgo segmentation fault

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