[Bug 2930] Re: The inisqueak script doesn't appear to exist

Mike Travers mt at alum.mit.edu
Fri Dec 1 18:25:33 UTC 2006

I'm an experienced computer user but not very familiar with Squeak
(although I had some influence on its early development).  I also just
started using Ubuntu. From this perspective, Ubuntu has solved most of
the nasty Linux install issues. Most of the software packaged for
ubuntu installs painlessly with no knowledge required. But when I want
to install Squeak, I'm faced with a mass of confusing choices
(starting with whether I want the version from Squeakland or not),
special directions, and then things that don't work like these

This is disappointing. Squeak ought to be easier to setup and use than
the average piece of software, not harder.  I could probably figure
out these issues myself given enough time, but the target audience
(beginning programmers) won't.

Anyway, not sure who is responsible for Ubuntu/Squeak "user
experience" but I think given the growing popularity of this platform
it would be worth smoothing down these rough edges.


On 12/1/06, Jordan Mantha <jordan at laserjock.us> wrote:
> I created startsqueak as a GUI wrapper script so that squeak can be used
> from the menu. inisqueak was never installed in the packages we used. I
> talked with squeak developers and they liked my startsqueak script so I
> included that. I'm not sure why inisqueak is necessary here but I can
> include if if you feel it is. I was honestly hoping that the squeak
> developers would include some sort of session/image management that
> would be compatible with menu usage. My wrapper was sent to the squeak
> devel mailing list but I don't know that anybody replied.
> I should at least get rid of the inisqueak man page if we don't ship it
> as it is confusing to have a man page and no program to go with it.
> --
> The inisqueak script doesn't appear to exist
> https://launchpad.net/bugs/2930

The inisqueak script doesn't appear to exist

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