[Bug 40956]

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Tue Aug 15 10:22:41 UTC 2006

Confirmed, this is:


and going to occur whenever the package is built on a buildd that is
primarily controlled by a serial console (eg. most of them! :-).

My proposal is to build with '--with-serial' with as standard to solve the
problem.  This bug *severely* screws up people's machines, as keystrokes
get lost or corrupted and disappear from /dev/tty0.

John Lines: are you happy if I NMU up a patch via DELAYED?  This bug has
been open for 9 months so far.

High on a tall bridge, surrounded by noisy lorries.  Southampton, GB

ncpd opens /dev/tty0 (causes major keyboard/mouse corruption)

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