[Bug 3555] Re: gwget crashes when gnome-panel restarts

sven.lug-dorsten sven.lug-dorsten at gmx.de
Sun Apr 23 09:47:16 UTC 2006

Dapper Beta status is: There is no crash, but its not working good either.
Still gwget runs in the background, with no chance to manage the downloads or restart the gui.

Screenshot of my desktop before i did killall gnome-panel:

Screenshot of my desktop after:

As you can see, gwget is closed, but it still runs the download. Open a terminal and try to restart gwgets gui:
$ gwget
** Message: Already running

As you can see, gdesklets disappear too and the icon of the network-manager doesnt come back. This  is a bad behavior and reminds me of the windows-taskbar when explorer.exe is restarted.

regards, Sven

gwget crashes when gnome-panel restarts

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