[Bug 5989] Re: wrong path on the archive

Wiktor Grebla greblus at wp.pl
Thu Apr 6 10:46:29 UTC 2006

Are there any chances to fix comedi-source before Dapper will be released? I've been trying to build it, but no luck so far. After moving modules directory as described here, the compilation starts, but ends with errors, most probably because of the api changes. 

I don't know if i can attach a file here (it's my second day with Dapper), so let me quote a few lines from comedi-source.buildlog:

+ cat /lib/modules/2.6.15-19-k7/build/Module.symvers
+ echo '/lib/modules/2.6.15-19-k7/build/scripts/mod/modpost -o .mods/comedi.o.symvers.tmp -i .mods/symvers.tmp comedi.o'
/lib/modules/2.6.15-19-k7/build/scripts/mod/modpost -o .mods/comedi.o.symvers.tmp -i .mods/symvers.tmp comedi.o + /lib/modules/2.6.15-19-k7/build/scripts/mod/modpost -o .mods/comedi.o.symvers.tmp -i .mods/symvers.tmp .mods/comedi.o
*** Warning: "class_simple_create" [.mods/comedi.ko] undefined! *** Warning: "class_simple_device_remove" [.mods/comedi.ko] undefined! *** Warning: "class_simple_destroy" [.mods/comedi.ko] undefined! *** Warning: "class_simple_device_add" [.mods/comedi.ko] undefined! 

and a strange one after it ends:
cc1: error: include/linux/autoconf.h: Nie ma takiego pliku ani katalogu (no such file, but i've kernel-headers installed and 
is on it's place)

Or maybe there is a repo/source package available somwhere? 

As i said, i've been testing Dapper since a few days, and building my own Debian packages still seems magical to me (i'm an old Slacker, and i've this feeling, that i don't want to use checkinstall anymore).

wrong path on the archive

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