[Bug 2183] j2re1.4 has a missing dependency: libxp6

Frank B via Malone 2183 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Sep 22 00:21:39 UTC 2005

Public bug report changed:

I installed the j2re1,4 from Multiverse and add the libxp6.
When I browse around
using Firefox, some applets works, but some do not. This page (
https://www.netbank.nordea.dk/netbank/index.jsp ) crashed Firefox with the

Gdk-WARNING **: cannot set locale modifiers
current locale is not supported in
X11, locale is set to C*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid next size (fast):
0x08a6ec50 ***

Normely this site works fine on Linux with Java installed.

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