[Bug 2930] The inisqueak script doesn't appear to exist

Mark Derricutt mark at talios.com
Sat Oct 8 03:44:16 UTC 2005

Public bug report changed:

The squeak virtual machine requires a runtime image in order to run (the
image contains all the objects and code to run ).  After installing the
squeak packages I noticed there were no .image files on the system.

>From "man squeak":

       The  image and changes files contain the state of a user’s Squeak session, which is per‐
       sistent between consecutive sessions.  Private copies of these files are therefore  nor‐
       mally  required.  The inisqueak script checks that the local Squeak installation appears
       sane, and then copies the required files to the current working directory.  If inisqueak
       encounters no problems, it will finish by running squeak to start a Squeak session using
       the newly copied image and changes files.

       inisqueak should be run once, when using Squeak for the first  time,  to  create  a  new
       ’personal’  Squeak  session.  Afterwards, squeak should be run each time that session is
       to be resumed.

The man page further mentions:

              Shared system sources file for the Squeak image.  There must be  a  copy  of  (or
              link to) this file in the working directory when running squeak.

              Distributed  image  and  changes files holding a ‘shapshot’ of a live Squeak ses‐
              sion.  (The contents of these files change  during  a  session,  and  so  private
              copies  should  always  be  made  before  running squeak for the first time.  See

              A link to the system sources file.

              Private copies of image and changes files.

              Virtual machine ’plugins’ (containing primitives that are loaded on  demand)  and
              drivers (for different types of display and sound hardware).

              The Squeak virtual machine and personal image installer script.

There is no /usr/bin/inisqueak, or do there appear to be any
/usr/lib/squeak/Squeak*.image files.

The installed squeak binaries work with a .image file from the main
squeak distribution and works fine, the only problem I see is theres no
way to create a new image from the stock packages.

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