[Bug 3547] OpenAFS does not work

Björn Torkelsson torkel at acc.umu.se
Tue Nov 29 22:45:07 UTC 2005

Public bug report changed:

What do you mean with that it does not work? Any errors?

I have built the version i breezy (5.10) sucessfully with module-
assistant, and I have also been using it a lot. There are some semi
serious bugs in 1.4.0-rc1 that are solved in 1.4.0, nothing that make
1.4.0-rc1 completely unusable though, and not, imo, serious enough to
qualify for an update of the openafs packages in breezy.

If you really want/need a newer openafs, grab the source from dapper,
and rebuild it yourself. Openafs is easy to rebuild. (If you are lazey
you can find x86 .debs of 1.4.0 at
/afs/hpc2n.umu.se/public/archive/deb/pool/breezy/o/openafs/), hopefully
I will get some time the next couple of days to build packages for amd64

The Openafs developers announced 1.4.1.rc1 before 1.4.0 was released so
it is actually older than the current stable release of openafs.

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