[Bug 3080] lyx: missing TeX class "aa"

Edjard Mota edjard.mota at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 14:09:41 UTC 2005

Public bug report changed:

Hi again,

I have an answer from lyx-devel ML, and it seems the problem is really about making LyX templates
associated to TeX classes as I had thought. You can read the dialog below dashed line. I'll try 
to help the LyX side and see how it goes.



Edjard>  IMHO there could be two options. First, each Linux distro
Edjard> could take care of checking whether the files needed for a
Edjard> given application are there or not, and collect where they can
Edjard> be found during the mounting of the packages. Second, and
Edjard> perhaps the "easiest one" (at least for the distro guys :) ),
Edjard> is to divide templates into standard TeX and those by LyX.

JMarc > It depends what you call 'standard'... Those who are in
 JMarc > teTeX?  In TeXLive? In the LaTeX distribution of some
 JMarc > University?
 I meant the teTex. But if we have to consider other standards then 
you're right, that might be confusing.
Edjard>  At least, this would give a clear message, when loading a
Edjard> template, which ones will generate output and which ones may
Edjard> not.
JMarc > Note first that you have this message right when you JMarc > 
load the  template. It is not as if you lost two hour writing
 JMarc > a document.

 Yes, but this has been reported as a bug in some Linux distro, which I 
don't agree.
JMarc > What we should do is have a better support for template
 JMarc > by associating rigourously a template to a class. Since
 JMarc > we do know inside LyX which classes are available, it
 JMarc > would allow us to show this information at the template JMarc 
> level. I am not sure when this is going to happen though.


 Could you, or someone, give the directions? I feel like coding and 
would be more than pleased to help.

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