[Bug 583] reportbug: While sending a Bug report I got several errors-messages

GerhardGaußling ggrubbish at web.de
Sun Dec 4 01:02:59 UTC 2005

Public bug report changed:

>  but the errors are gone.

This happens still on my i386 chroot (maybe it's hoary). breezy amd64 is
fine in this regard.

But the bugreportsystem of ubuntu still sucks (sorry, but all these
websites to walk through is annoying if you know a tool, which shows you
all bugs of a the package against you wish to file a bug, collekt all
dependant packages and versionnumbers, and assist you very well in
reporting bugs.)

Please add at least a news page to trace back the status of a planned
tool which is supposed to replace reportbug in ubuntu.


Gerhard Gaußling

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