[uds-announce] Keysigning party UDS-Q - Keyring and printouts available

Geoffrey Thomas geofft at ldpreload.com
Thu May 10 21:26:26 UTC 2012

Can you include full fingerprints in the text file, not just the 32-bit 
key ID? I cannot guarantee that Asheesh will not go create a key with ID 
5C413520 by the time we all get back to our computers to sign keys... :-)

Alternatively, should we be verifying our fingerprint in the keyring right 
now, and can we have a reading of the SHA-1 sum of the keyring in addition 
to the text file?

(Incidentally, any chance that can be SHA-256?)

Geoffrey Thomas
geofft at ldpreload.com

On Thu, 10 May 2012, Marc Cluet wrote:

> Hi!
> The printouts will be shortly available at the registration desk, thanks to Michelle Surtress-Meyers :)
> The links have been updated at the wiki so you can start downloading the keyring and verifying its authenticity.
> Please before coming to the keysigning party md5sum and sha1sum the ksp-quantal.asc.bz2 to make sure everyone matches.
> ksp-quantal.asc.bz2
> MD5 d95f3f554a421de8f4e27548c997b9d3
> SHA1 010ef21e12148ca3622f496f6250adfe2f4afa6a
> Here are the links to download all the files:
> ksp-quantal.txt
> https://devroot.org/ksp-quantal.txt.asc
> https://devroot.org/ksp-quantal.txt.asc.md5.asc
> https://devroot.org/ksp-quantal.txt.asc.sha1.asc
> ksp-quantal.asc.bz2
> https://devroot.org/ksp-quantal.asc.bz2
> https://devroot.org/ksp-quantal.asc.bz2.md5.asc
> https://devroot.org/ksp-quantal.asc.bz2.sha1.asc
> See you all later!
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> Canonical Ltd.
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