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Charline Charline.poirier at Canonical.com
Tue Oct 25 16:42:11 UTC 2011


The design team is planning to run design "theater" sessions at UDS.  As 
a general rule, the design works on Canonical projects.  It is our 
opportunity and pleasure during UDS to dedicate some time to help with 
other free open source software.
What is Design Theater?*

During these sessions, we explore a design issue that you submit to us 
and take it through our design process.

*Why should you come?

*We hope to take you through the design process with real life examples, 
so we can share our design thinking and problem solving with you and 
propose any solution you might like.

*How can you participate?

*You have a choice:

As an /observer/:  come an look over our shoulders as we discuss 
applications design issues and join in the discussion.

As a /participant/:  bring us your free software application for which 
you need design guidance or user experience input.  We'll try to fix it 
for you and show you how to approach this particular problem the design way.

If you are thinking of joining us as a participant, please, send us your 
design question in advance, if you can, so we can get the ball rolling.  
Send it to:  charline.poirier at canonical .com

*Who will be there from the Design team?

*At each session, you will find a user researcher, a brand designer,  a 
user experience specialist, an interaction designer and a visual designer,

*Come find about our process and challenge us!*

*Acting Head of Design*
*27th floor, 21-24 Millbank Tower*
*London SW1P 4QP UK*

*Tel: +44 (0) 20 7630 2491*
*Mob: +44 (0) 78 8695 4514*
*www.Ubuntu.com  <http://www.Ubuntu.com/>  <http://www.Ubuntu.com/>*

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