[uds-announce] If any teacher is attending UDS, please contact me

* bardonski at wp.pl
Wed Oct 19 17:38:27 UTC 2011


I'm a high school student. On 02.11.2011, I have to take the Mathematics
Aptitude Test. I'm going to study Computer Science at Oxford University.
This test is required in the recruitment process.

Because it will be at UDS, I need a person with appropriate authority (eg.
teacher, librarian, academic) that will oversee the independence of my work.
I have permission to write it in the hotel.

You will need to find a suitable venue where you can take your test on 2
November 2011. This can be any venue with suitable facilities for taking a
test, where you can find someone in an appropriate position of authority to
act as the contact person. This person will need to agree to receive the
test papers for you, arrange for invigilation of the test under examination
conditions and return the completed papers to Oxford. [1]

The test will last for 2.5 hour. I must register my invigilator before

Thanks in advance for any help in finding the right person!

Marek Bardoński
bdfhjk at gmail.com

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