[uds-announce] Ubuntu Backports sprint on Wednesday

Evan Broder evan at ebroder.net
Tue Nov 1 15:46:01 UTC 2011

Short summary: Interested in learning about, getting involved with, or
hacking on the Ubuntu Backports project? Come and join us in Boca VIII
on Wednesday evening from 7-11pm.

When Ubuntu releases a new version, virtually all packages in that
version stay largely consistent for the duration of its lifetime.
However, many users are interested in getting new versions packages,
and may not be able to upgrade away from their current release.

Ubuntu Backports is a solution to this, because it offers the ability
to expose newer versions of packages (usually leaf packages and
applications) to older releases, selectively choosing to trade
freshness for guaranteed stability.

Instead of the typical 1-hour BOF we usually have at UDS, I want to
try a different approach this cycle. If you're interested in learning
about how Backports works, how you can drive backports of your own, or
how to become a backporter, we'd certainly be happy to discuss that.
But since Backports has a tendency to play second fiddle to
backporters' other responsibilities, I've grabbed a longer block of
time Wednesday evening where people interested in backports can focus
on it.

In addition to just processing requests for backports, we have lots of
ideas for tools to simplify backporting, automate the process, and
improve documentation, and we'd love to have people come and help with
that as well.

I've reserved Boca VIII on tomorrow (Wednesday) evening between 7pm
and 11pm to sprint on the problems that backports has. Please feel
free to come and join us.

 - Evan

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