[Ubuntu-ZW] Ubuntu Loco Team Update

Alouis Mushayapokuvaka alouis.mushaya at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 10:07:33 UTC 2012

If you can tame me, I would be honoured to be part of a team that
evangelises FOSS; my methods tend to be barbaric! Eg, I think the
elitist proprietary CSZ, Achiever Awards & dysfunctional MICT are
circuses. They have failed to ensure that ict pros & industry get the
respect they deserve. Maybe the ict industry should suspend all
operations for at least a month! To come to think of it, whats
stopping Zimboz from exporting software?

Sadly, Im a fulltime caregiver; my wife has a rare life threatening
chronic illness. Age doesnt necessarily earn one credibility;
professionalism does.

On 11/30/12, Ganyani Khosa - Hotmail <khosag at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Retired cadres are what we want to assist us in this. Are you in a position
> to assist us with presenting funding requests to all those guys. Some of us
> are too young to be trusted and sometimes too busy with trying to make ends
> meet. Once again Welcome and come help us.
> Ganyani
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> Since Im currently an inactive ICT pro, Im just wondering if you guys ever
> presented your funding request to Mark Shuttleworth, UNDP, UNESCO, the CSZ,
> CZI, Strive Masiyiwa & Nelson Chamisa.
> On 11/29/12, Alouis Mushayapokuvaka <alouis.mushaya at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Confession: Fyi, Im on early retirement & every fibre of my body used
>> to hate linux. As an MCSE, I was groomed by Microsoft to have it! Lol.
>> If David took out Goliath, so can Linux. Im a sucker for optimist &
>> regret investing in a proprietary technology.
>> I wish I had taken learning marketing more seriously. That's
>> Microsoft's secret weapon. In fact, rumour has it, MS is purely a
>> marketing firm.
>> On 11/29/12, Ganyani Khosa - Hotmail <khosag at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>> Dear Alouis
>>> Thank you for your comments. I agree with you that more could have
>>> been done to promote UBUNTU by those of us in the know and you are
>>> also part of the disappointment. We should be asking you what it is
>>> you did to promote Ubuntu to become a household name, lol?  Dishing
>>> out DVDs and offering free tech support have costs and who is going
>>> to foot those costs given that this whole promotion of Ubuntu is
>>> voluntary and without sponsors. Promoting a free brand is not as easy
>>> as promoting a proprietary one.
>>> Welcome and lets make this the brand of choice together.
>>> Ganyani Khosa
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>>> Subject: Re: [Ubuntu-ZW] Ubuntu Loco Team Update
>>> Cool. Im a bit disappointed by ubuntu. By now it should be a
>>> household name.
>>> I expected it to capitalize on Zim's economic crisis by dishing out
>>> dvds & offering free tech support until users are loyal to the brand.

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