[Ubuntu-ZW] Configuring Alcatel modem in 11.10

Antonio M Chimuzu achimuzu at yahoo.com.br
Mon Feb 20 15:46:17 UTC 2012

Dear Daniel

1. Insert Modem and patiently wait (sometimes it takes about 2 minutes
for the machine to recognize it)
2. make sure it you see a message like "New broadband connection"or
"broadband connection" or "New 3G connection" when you click on your
network icon pop up menu.
3. Click on the name of your new connection a pop up window should open
with broadband connection options.
4. enter your details (username, dialing number
I am not familiar with the modem you mentioned.
Please provide more details of the modem - model number, etc. Also your
machine brand and model - is your machine a 32 or 64bits?
Anyway I got both a wimax and a regular 3g modem working on my Linux
machines (one running Ubuntu, one running latest Linux Mint and also on
a friends OpenSUSE laptop).
I must say that nothing needed to be modified in the machines besides
entering network settings and saving them. Please follow this link to
view my configuration.

your username is your Africon (in full) account number.


On 20/02/2012 10:24, daniel banhamombe wrote:
> Good day
> Can anyone assist me with the configuration of an Africom mobile
> broadband Alcatel modem in Ubuntu 11.10
> Best
> Daniel


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