[Ubuntu-ZW] Africom EVDO USB Modem on Ubuntu Linux

Raymond Swart raymond at karigon.net
Wed Oct 6 08:44:21 BST 2010

  Hi Sam,

Since I haven't used Africoms modem I did some quick reading up on the 
evdo modem, which if I'm correct is a 3G modem. I've been very 
successful, using a script I downloaded, using the econet modems (tried 
2 different ones) called sakis3g from www.sakis3g.org. All you really 
need at the end of the day is the APN details (econet's is econet.net) 
and login + password if applicable.

If you get stuck give us a shout.

On 06/10/2010 09:08, Samuel Mukoti wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been told that the Africom modem works on Linux.  I've try 
> configuring NetworkManager but no luck so far.  Any tips?
> Running
> Ubuntu 10.04 32bit
> Regards,
> Sam
> Melivo Business Systems 

Many Thanks,

Raymond Swart
Karigon (Pvt) Ltd
Web Development - Linux Servers - Digital Media - Support

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