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Spencer Tom Tafadzwa Chirume schirume at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 22:20:43 GMT 2010


Personally I see the Econet "broadband" perfomance as mediocre and
would rather wait till the incoming bandwidth from the numerous
operators with access to undersea cables to come online with a
meaningfull outcome at the user end. The HSDPA in my part of Highlands
drops out every other minute - if it's present in the first place,
lanky trees and varying terrain don't help in theory. Strange enough
when roaming the H sign is a permanent feature on the mobile phone
screen, in contrast data coverage is choppy, Edge is piece meal the
work load for Econet is well defined but how they can't provide
persistant data connections might have to do with the tariff model
which determines one way or another how contention rates give or take
throuput at a pre defined rate per second,  given the way a bundle is
sold per use it is  likely a lose lose situation for many subscribers
but a win win for said company's operations but there's a plethora of
excuses. When it works it's ok on a mobile phone, being pretty sure of
a constant stream of complaints or questions it seems to work fine for
some users, still the lines(haha) at "Eco"shops tell another story.
Even when you make a call.

Consider other options such as DSL, fibre and WiMax among others as
they are rolled out, lack of competition goes hand in hand with
complacency, in the next few years connectivity will hopefully improve
by some measurable margin. According to a buddie fairy from a help
desk Econet forward slash Ecoweb is hosted by Powertel the joke you
won't find funny when you're on fibre is broadband but no power, the
former in all manner of apparations does not have enough technical
support staff to deal with demand, in other words everything is fine
as long as you pay for zilch. DSL in any form one can get to date  is
subject to availability - it's a sound option in the coming months of
the new year, given that's a last mile solution dependent on TelOne
progress which is game to many variables. Afri-Com said it's fibre had
reached Marondera a three weeks ago. WiMax is just as good as long as
you can try it before you buy or encourage IAPs or ISPs to rollout 4G
after all HSDPA only gets up to four user's per second at 256kBits/s,
anything but dialup seems fast enough untill a glass ceiling is
reached hence a proactive customer gets their way in general. Patience
is a virtue as long as it has nothing to do with a Internet connection
in my humble opinion.


On 17/11/2010, Raymond Swart <raymond at karigon.net> wrote:
> Hi Sinclair,
> Were are your friends? I think Econet just like Africom have
> concentrated/prioritized certain area's for quality and speed of
> service. I recall some time back that someone I knew living almost next
> door to Borrowdale Village had nothing bad to say about Econet when
> everyone else was complaining about performance issues, and looking at
> Africom's coverage map you can see they have concentrated on "Key"
> area's. I must admit though I have not tried the Econet connection since
> their "re-capitalization re-launch". I'd like to think service has
> improved especially since the market has been diluted by Africom/Powertel.
> Would be interesting to hear what everyone else thinks.
> Many Thanks,
> Raymond Swart
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> On 17/11/2010 15:01, O. Sinclair wrote:
>> Friends,
>> has anyone experienced any speed improvements with "new" Econet 3G?
>> I am asking because I notice null improvement but several of my
>> Windows-using colleagues swear by it and claim it is much improved.
>> So am thinking that maybe some connection setting has changed (eg number
>> to dial) or I am just in a bad signal area generally.
>> Best regards,
>> Sinclair

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