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Raymond Swart raymond at karigon.net
Tue Nov 9 20:28:32 GMT 2010

On 09/11/2010 22:14, O. Sinclair wrote:
> On 09/11/2010 17:58, Jeff Chivheya wrote:
>> How do i get Ubuntu to recognise a 3G modem?The modem has built in Win
>> drivers and it just won't connect-the portion where you get to choose
>> mobile broadband devices is grayed out!
> there is a number of things you can try:
> 1. reasonably often Networkmanager recognises the modem and you can set 
> up the connection using networkmanager
> 2. if that does not work there is a "semi-gui" script called Sakis3g at 
> www.sakis3g.org
> 3. finally from command line wvdial works almost everything
> first of all: what provider (Africom, Powertel, Econet) and what modem?
> Best
> Sinclair

The Sakis3g script currently only works on GSM (Econet) networks not
CDMA (Africom/Powertel). Sinclair would like to to get some notes on
setting up Powertel on Ubuntu from you as i know you managed to get it
working. I have upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 and network manager doesn't
pick it up, not sure what I'm missing here, although you being on
Kubuntu might mean there are packages you have installed that I don't.

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