[Ubuntu-ZW] Econet and headaches

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 08:57:33 GMT 2010


we support 2 small sites where they among other things offer internet 
access (read sell it). They were using the "old" Econet 25/USD per month 
package and could then charge for time, printouts etc. How it worked is 
another story.

These computers use KDE Kubuntu 10.04 btw, am considering upgrading to 10.10

The new "bundles" is a major headache... how do they now charge? If one 
user sits on Facebook/Youtube for x minutes and chew up bandwidth how do 
you measure/charge for that? Another simply reads email, checks out 
newssites and does research, can sit for much longer but use much less 

Anyone else in this fix, anyone knows a tool that measures "used 
bandwidth" and could possibly cut at a reached amount?


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