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Arthur Garande agarande at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 13:55:02 BST 2010

I had totally forgotten of this meeting and scheduled another in the
same time! Sorry Guys. Can't make it tonight.
Update from my side:
OpenICDL, nothing to report.
Team Regalia - Have made contact with one of the guys. Will send quote
and options by email before Friday end of day.
Public Relations

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Good day,

The next Ubuntu Zimbabwe Loco Team meeting will be held on Wednesday
June 2 2010, at 336 H Chitepo Avenue (Harvest International Offices) at
18.00 hrs for 18.30 hrs. 

Meeting Agenda:

1. Release Party Review 
2. Freedom Toaster 

a) Software side - Kalpesh
b) Housing Design - Donald & Kerry

3. OpenICDL - Arthur
4 . Team Regalia - Donaldwarm regards


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