[Ubuntu-ZW] 1. Thank You 2.Wanted: Server Security

Fungai J Tichawangana [Exist Digital] fungait at harvest.co.zw
Fri Jan 29 10:51:00 GMT 2010

Hi guys
thank you. OpenERP is now running on our server. It's a beauty I tell you!
There is an NGO that's looking for assistance with securing it's UHF
hotspot, i.e. setting up some sort of password system for them.
They would also like someone to set up their network printer. There is a
possibility of a support contract. 
Please email: shingiec at gmail.com if you are interested.
Best, Fungai
Fungai J Tichawangana
Imagineer In Chief
Exist Digital
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+263 4 251563, 250030, 708455, 707880
+263 912 393 863
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