[Ubuntu-ZW] I have this problem

George Gukuta george at precise.co.zw
Mon Jan 4 14:30:36 GMT 2010

Sounds like a graphics problem. Try to go to commandline with Alt-F1 if
the machine has not hung and try to sniff out the problem. Otherwise, if
the machine hangs, press Esc during boot to start in failsafe mode.

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Subject: [Ubuntu-ZW] I have this problem
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 16:03:23 +0200

Guys i've successifully  installed Ubuntu 9.10 on an Intel PC with
500MB ram and it works fine right after the initial reboot(The first
reboot after installation).However when i switch off the PC and turn
it on the OS fails to boot into GNOME.The screen just shows an eerie
blackness.Could this problem be related to RAM?

Jeff Chivheya
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