[Ubuntu-ZW] Can someone please help me fix problem with ATI Radeon HD 4570 graphics card

Gyron Mkwebo gyron at powerspeed.co.zw
Thu Feb 18 11:36:27 GMT 2010

"this is a war that "we" cannot win." Sad truth. However, the idea of
getting into a shop with a bunch of liveCD's before buying a laptop
really apeals to me. I'm never going to buy a laptop before checking how
it works with my Ubuntu and if the salescritters wont let me test their
machines with my CDs, then i wont buy. So far my machine has locked up
on me more than 10 times! yes i mean it. I executed a command, sudo
apt-get install beagle and with 1 second to go, hardlockup! This, truly
speaking is annoying. I dont know how long i have to wait till there is
a fix to this.
On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 13:13 +0200, Kalpesh Thaker wrote:
> Honestly....i think the blame is shared between ATI and ASUS in this
> case.
> The problem with OEMs is very simple, end of the day, its all about
> the money.
> ATI designs a chipset..sells it on to the OEM. 
> The OEM looks at the chipset that will bring them the most
> profit....and since ATI's are much cheaper 
> than Nvidia, that automatically translates into profit. Especially if
> you keep your cost premiums to the lowest 
> possible.
> Now, OEM's such as ASUS, have 'deals' with microsoft. Hence why every
> laptop you buy, automatically
> comes with windows preloaded. So if the laptop works in windows, and
> doesnt exhibit problems.... then the 
> laptop is perfect, and will be sold! End of the day OEM's dont care
> that linux doesnt run on their hardware...
> because it works in windows, besides...once you pay for the laptop,
> its a done deal.. ASUS have got their money 
> from you...thats all they wanted...and their only objective is
> accomplished once your receipt is printed. 
> It is worth nothing, that in no part of the production, is the end
> user ever considered, except for the R&D/Marketing 
> department (who make their products flashy enough for you to consider
> buying), and thats all.
> This is the realistic truth. they dont care if an onboard modem wont
> work in ubuntu, because if you read the 
> sticker that came on the laptop, it was "designed for windows
> xp/vista/7". When you buy a laptop, it is guaranteed
> to perform with the OS that it comes pre-loaded with. Anything over or
> under that.. is considered "out of specification"
> and no one will assume responsibility for whatever problems you
> encounter.
> Honestly, the pressure needs to rather be shifted to ATI, who end of
> the day, have designed the chipsets, and 
> CAN create a working driver/platform which is compatible across
> multiple OS's... But they choose not to...or rather pass the 
> buck onto the OEM... who then passes it back to the manufacturer. In
> most cases... they produce a generic "proprietary"
> driver for linux, that provides the bare minimum functionality for
> that particular hardware.
> All ASUS really do, is buy a whole lot of components from tom, dick
> and harry....solder them together, make a nice looking 
> case for it... then put it on the shelf for sale.
> It really is a chicken or the egg situation.. 
> i have had endless arguments with Dell and HP South Africa a few years
> back...on why their hardware wont run 
> linux properly. Believe me, this is a war that "we" cannot win. The
> market share for pre-loaded open source based 
> computer hardware is just a joke compared to the sales of pc's loaded
> with windows. 
> This is the same story with onboard "soft" modems, sound cards,
> network cards, etc etc.
> On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 12:35 PM, Gyron Mkwebo
> <gyron at powerspeed.co.zw> wrote:
>         Trawling the internet for a fix, I found this interesting
>         'rant':
>         It is NOT ubuntu’s fault neither Linux fault if the user is
>         buying with
>         the wrong hardware. Yes, I know, in a perfect world every
>         single
>         hardware vendor should support linux out-of-the-box. The awful
>         truth is
>         that is not true.
>         So what must users do? They go and buy whatever they think is
>         nice and
>         THEN complain because linux can’t run on it. It will run, you
>         just have
>         to wait a little, so the community can have the time to
>         reverse engineer
>         the drivers blah blah
>         But the main thing is that people should START VOTING WITH THE
>         WALLET
>         ffs get a live cd and BEFORE you buy the laptop try it. If we
>         start
>         buying ONLY from vendors that DO support linux then at some
>         point all hw
>         vendors will respect the linux community as they should.
>         I, for example, HAVE NOT BOUGHT a single ATI card since 4
>         years ago. And
>         I tell the same thing to all the people that ask me about
>         buying
>         decisions. So ATI is loosing 100 clients (because of me) each
>         year. They
>         will fix their proper linux support or they will continue to
>         loose
>         clients (not only because of me but because of the buying
>         decisions of
>         all the linux community).
>         DIFFERENCE and stop
>         complainig to canonical.
>         On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 11:51 +0200, Gyron Mkwebo wrote:
>         > Got the laptop, worked on it 20 minutes and it freezes. All
>         i did was
>         > open eclipse and firefox, next thing, hard-lockup. Rebooted
>         the cold
>         > way, machine gets to desktop and while looking for a network
>         using the
>         > network manager, hard lockup.
>         > I real miss my HP nx7400. Had absolutely NO issues with all
>         the versions
>         > of ubuntu, i have used on it (started with 6.10).
>         > I'll try a BIOs update and see how it goes.
>         >
>         > On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 08:50 +0200, Donald Hobbs wrote:
>         > > I fixed your laptop :-)  Its working fine now.
>         > > Donald Hobbs
>         > >
>         > > PhoenixTech
>         > >
>         > > Cell: +263 912 258159
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