[Ubuntu-ZW] Can someone please help me fix problem with ATI Radeon HD 4570 graphics card

Gyron Mkwebo gyron at powerspeed.co.zw
Thu Feb 18 09:51:49 GMT 2010

Got the laptop, worked on it 20 minutes and it freezes. All i did was
open eclipse and firefox, next thing, hard-lockup. Rebooted the cold
way, machine gets to desktop and while looking for a network using the
network manager, hard lockup. 
I real miss my HP nx7400. Had absolutely NO issues with all the versions
of ubuntu, i have used on it (started with 6.10).
I'll try a BIOs update and see how it goes.

On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 08:50 +0200, Donald Hobbs wrote:
> I fixed your laptop :-)  Its working fine now.
> Donald Hobbs
> PhoenixTech
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> Zimbabwe Ubuntu Loco Team
> donald at ubuntu.org.zw 
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> Gyron Mkwebo wrote: 
> > hie
> > 
> > I recently purchased an Asus X61s laptop, with intel duo core (2.1Ghz),
> > 4Gig RAM, 320G harddrive and an ATI Radeon hd 4570 graphics card with
> > 512Mb ram. I tried to install my favourite OS, Ubuntu (9.10), everything
> > going fine, until i booted into my fresh install, anticipating as smooth
> > a ride as i always get, only to have frequent and random hard-lockups!
> > The lockups are so bad that i can hardly do anything useful with it. 
> > I googled (using my other machine of course, this one would freeze the
> > moment firefox gets going) and found out that ubuntu 9.10 has issues
> > with the specific card on my machine. I downloaded and installed the
> > proprietary driver from the ATI website, which seemed to have solved the
> > problem, only to get hardlockups again! I tried different suggestions
> > from the web, like booting with the noapic option in grub, but still the
> > problem persisted. It got worse when i started booting into the black
> > screen of death, just from the blue!
> > I did a fresh install of ubuntu and tried to run a full upgrade, hoping
> > that Ubuntu could have effected a fix for my problem, but then, the
> > machine freezes in the middle of the update! Is there anyone who has
> > managed to solve this problem with the radeon graphics card, or is the
> > problem from some other source other than the card? What can i do to
> > work around this problem coz i cant get myself to use the Windows vista
> > the computer came with (i don't like windows at all)?
> > 
> >   
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