[Ubuntu-ZW] New linux distro to checkout

Kalpesh Thaker luminary06 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 08:54:34 GMT 2010

Hi All,

I've been using linux mint for over a week now....
and i have to admit that the next person who asks me:

"kalpesh, which is the best linux desktop distro to use on my
laptop/desktop?"  i dont think i will be answering
with ubuntu.

it makes me sad that what mint have done is give ubuntu a little more love..
and made it almost
the perfect end user distro. you just load up the dvd... and you're done.
dvd's, mp3's, java, web browser
codecs etc.. everything is there. you dont need to install anything else...
unless you want a different
email client etc.

you dont actually require an internet connection.. ...yeah ubuntu is the
same.. fine.. but if you want vlc..
you need internet. and thats just one example. the fact that our ubuntu
repo's work with mint..
means that a more complete and user friendly distro is available to end
users in zimbabwe.

which all in all.. makes me think that canonical could actually make this a
better distro if they wanted to..
but they dont.. maybe because of legal reasons.. maybe because of other
issues.. who knows.

im sorry.. but at the moment.. i couldn't recommend ubuntu to anyone...when
they can use this...
this is a better option for the average end user.

for technical people obviously ubuntu is better..


On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 8:04 AM, O. Sinclair <o.sinclair at gmail.com> wrote:

> You could try and simply add kubuntu-desktop by
> sudo aptitude (or apt-get) kubuntu-desktop
> I suspect it will replace the mint network app with knetworkmanager though
> then there is an app I can not remember (check on kde-apps.org) that
> sorts out the menu afterwards so all gnome-specific stuff ends up in a
> separate menu
> Be sure to backup first...
> there is a way to install "pure" kde environment, not kubuntu, but I can
> not remember or find it right now
> Sinclair
> On 25/11/2010 09:18, Kalpesh Thaker wrote:
> > Hey Guys...
> >
> > I firmly believe in giving credit, where credit is due.. and i'd like to
> > introduce a new linux distro to everyone...
> > its called linux mint. mint is based on ubuntu, and if you havent tried
> > it.. PLEASE DO because its AWESOME.
> >
> > this distro is designed to be more user friendly and complete that the
> > basic ubuntu.. it has new menus.. and
> > a much easier interface. it also has all the codecs, media players and
> > browser plugins pre-installed.
> >
> > best of all, you can still connect to our local ubuntu repository and do
> > updates!
> >
> > give this a go if you find ubuntu to be too finicky...
> >
> > you can grab the install image from here:
> >
> > http://archive.ubuntu.org.zw/ubuntu/iso/linux_mint/
> >
> > the basic install uses gnome, however, im still figuring out if i can
> > get kde to run on it...
> > there is a kde version of mint, but its based an older version of kde
> > and is extremely buggy.
> >
> > a few of us have tried out mint.. and we think it kicks ubuntus butt
> >
> > kalpesh.
> >
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