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Kalpesh Thaker luminary06 at
Thu Sep 3 10:09:04 BST 2009

Hi Guys,

New content has been added to the local repository. I know theres been
delays in getting new stuff up, so i do apologise.

You can find the Ubuntu LTS 8.04.3 Release ISO images in the local ubuntu
downloads section here:

In the Additional downloads section, you can find the 9.04 DVD image of
Ubuntu Studio, as well as mythbuntu 9.04.
For all the Centos users out there, you can find centos 5.3 cd images as

New versions of ebox platform and a couple of other Ubuntu based distros
will also be available shortly.

I have begun mirroring the ubuntu 9.10 repository.. this is taking a while
to finish, because downloads only happen after hours...
however, by next week, you should be able to connect to our local repository
if you are testing with this release.
Once the repository has finished building, i will add repository connection
details to our website (

On another note, we have been talking about adding x64 packages to our
repository. However, we arent sure of how many people
realistically use 64 bit linux OS's. If you are using x64 platforms, please
do send us an email to repo at, and let us know
exactly which versions you use, and what your upgrading plans for the OS are
(i.e are you using LTS releases for your production systems, and
if you intend to upgrade before the next LTS release). We need this info,
because hard drive space is at a premium, as well as downloading time.
On average, a repository for a single distro using i386 can be about 19gb's.
So x64 should be about the same.......

Any other comments/complaints/issues are welcome, please send us any
feedback to repo at

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