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O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 06:58:25 GMT 2009

have fun today, play around, share a few drinks and be Ubuntu. I hope 
someone, like me, is a (K)Ubuntu fan and will demonstrate the rather 
awesome new KDE. That said, we miss (in Kubuntu) a decent software 
installer and a decent network manager. Sadly. But it will come!

Have one for me, I am stuck in the far corner of Mozambique at the moment.


Donald Hobbs wrote:
> Hi All,
> Ok firstly I must say that I may have been a little harsh in my initial 
> judgement of the wireless issues on the new Ubuntu Karmic Koala.  Today 
> Kerry and I loaded the laptops that you will see on display at the 
> launch tomorrow.  All 3 loaded seamlessly, it was only when we tried to 
> check networking that we noticed the issue.  Only 1 of the 3 laptops 
> that we had loaded at the time had wireless out the box.  Only 1 of the 
> laptops had the wireless light on, not the one that actually had 
> wireless though.  Although all laptops were purchased from the same 
> company, have the same spec and were from the same batch, 1 of them had 
> an Atheros card.  This is the one that worked straight after the 
> install.  The other 2 have broadcom wireless cards. 
> So I did a little research and what have you and finally found a 
> solution to the wireless on the one laptop.  I then did it in the right 
> order on the next one and voilà.  Its actually pretty simple. 
>     * Firstly you will need an internet connection as we all know
>     * Update the sources-list with the local mirror to improve download
>       speeds
>     * Using a cabled connection do and apt-get update from a terminal or
>       do a reload from synaptic package manager.
>     * then click system - administration - hardware drivers.  When you
>       first do this it will say searching for available drivers.
>           o Once the window opens you will see two drivers available
>             Broadcom B43 wireless driver and Broadcom STA wireless
>             driver.  I tried both but the Broadcom STA driver is the one
>             that worked for me.
>     * Once the driver is installed reboot the laptop
>     * Select the wireless network of choice.
>     * At this point you should also see that the wireless LED and switch
>       now work correctly too.
> So again my apologies for being too swift to judge the wireless on 
> Karmic.  It was just I have had serious wireless issues before on Ubuntu 
> and found this to be one of their only bad points.  Glad to see its 
> improved.
> Well done Ubuntu.  See you all tomorrow at the Launch.
> *Donald Hobbs*
> *PhoenixTech*
> Cell: +263 912 258159
> donald at ubuntu.org.zw
>  *C**arpé Aptenodytes*
> "The height of stupidity is most clearly demonstrated by the individual 
> who ridicules something he knows nothing about." *Albert Einstein*
> Donald Hobbs wrote:
>> Wireless still has some serious issues
>> *Donald Hobbs*
>> *PhoenixTech*
>> Cell: +263 912 258159
>> donald at ubuntu.org.zw
>>  *C**arpé Aptenodytes*
>> "The height of stupidity is most clearly demonstrated by the 
>> individual who ridicules something he knows nothing about." *Albert 
>> Einstein*
>> Kalpesh Thaker wrote:
>>> Hey everyone....
>>> So...ubuntu 9.10 has finally been released!
>>> (you can download a copy of the disc images at www.ubuntu.org.zw 
>>> <http://www.ubuntu.org.zw>)
>>> my initial thoughts??? karmic koala is AWESOME!!! i cant recommend 
>>> upgrading to the
>>> new release enough!
>>> there are a range of new options available to the user, such as the 
>>> ubuntu software centre,
>>> so package management is much more easier to manage. new themes... 
>>> background wallpapers...
>>> all make you feel very comfortable.
>>> unfortunately, there seems to be something up with the 64 bit 
>>> repositories... i dont think it has finished
>>> building correctly with the release from yesterday.... so if you are 
>>> installing a x64 version, and are getting
>>> errors when connecting to our repository.... dont panic. it will sort 
>>> itself out in the next few days.
>>> other then that.... i hope you too will see what a beauty 9.10 has 
>>> turned out to be....
>>> most definitely, the ubuntu developement team has done serious 
>>> justice with this release!
>>> cheers,
>>> hopefully meet you all at the release party tomorrow!

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