ubuntu 9.10

Kalpesh Thaker luminary06 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 13:41:26 GMT 2009

Hey everyone....

So...ubuntu 9.10 has finally been released!
(you can download a copy of the disc images at www.ubuntu.org.zw)

my initial thoughts??? karmic koala is AWESOME!!! i cant recommend upgrading
to the
new release enough!

there are a range of new options available to the user, such as the ubuntu
software centre,
so package management is much more easier to manage. new themes...
background wallpapers...
all make you feel very comfortable.

unfortunately, there seems to be something up with the 64 bit
repositories... i dont think it has finished
building correctly with the release from yesterday.... so if you are
installing a x64 version, and are getting
errors when connecting to our repository.... dont panic. it will sort itself
out in the next few days.

other then that.... i hope you too will see what a beauty 9.10 has turned
out to be....

most definitely, the ubuntu developement team has done serious justice with
this release!


hopefully meet you all at the release party tomorrow!
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