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Hi Batsirai and All Ubuntu folks!

The fact that Widows have an Antivirus Developers' backing sucks.
Because creating and distributing virus is a business on its own, Open
Source Systems is fought by these guys.

It is actually an advantage to Antivirus developers that there exist
Bill Gates and his Microsoft, which makes me think that the guys who
are responsible for virus creation are those Antivirus Developers who
might be Microsoft subsiduries in business.

But with the launch of Google OS as a freemium, the Windows monoloply
is going to be diluted.



On 10/23/09, Batsirai Taedza Mahoso-Chikomba-Mhlanga
<batsiraimahoso at> wrote:
> Hie Fungai and Ubuntunists
> I agree that Windows is still the most widely used OS especially here
> in Africa but we should also appretiate that Windows Vista was never a
> " User friendly " product and that was a set back for Windows.
> However Windows7's hurried release seemed to be a measure to win back
> the Windows users.
> We should also bear in mind that Bill Gates had a monopoly for some
> time and we are still under the effects of this scheme.This monopoly
> also gave business to Antivirus Software Developers who are always
> there to come up with a product to "heal" the "bugs" left by Windows
> in their OS.without Windows the Antivirus Developers will go out of
> business!
> Batsirai Taedza
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