FOR NOW : Windows Rules

Batsirai Taedza Mahoso-Chikomba-Mhlanga batsiraimahoso at
Fri Oct 23 10:13:41 BST 2009

Hie Fungai and Ubuntunists

I agree that Windows is still the most widely used OS especially here
in Africa but we should also appretiate that Windows Vista was never a
" User friendly " product and that was a set back for Windows.

However Windows7's hurried release seemed to be a measure to win back
the Windows users.

We should also bear in mind that Bill Gates had a monopoly for some
time and we are still under the effects of this scheme.This monopoly
also gave business to Antivirus Software Developers who are always
there to come up with a product to "heal" the "bugs" left by Windows
in their OS.without Windows the Antivirus Developers will go out of

Batsirai Taedza

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