[Ubuntu-ZW] ubuntu and internet cafe's

John Mark Manera john at farmersworld.co.zw
Tue Nov 17 14:50:44 GMT 2009

Well it depends on  the software which will be on the wireless router most
of these wireless routers can be upgraded n can use a software like sputnik
for example n this can tell the difference btwn operating systems an example
is a café I did called Flamsrock n on the wireless router I put sputnik
which can tell when a windows machine is logged in and a linux machine and u
can disable access to a windows or linux machine 


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i think you may have been lied to. a wireless router cant really tell the
difference between operating systems of clients trying to connect to it.

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 12:03 PM, Arthur Garande <agarande at gmail.com> wrote:

Is it true that you can configure your routers to accept wireless
connections from Windows machines and not from Open Source ones? Somebody
who knows please advise because i suspect that i have just been lied to.

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