[Ubuntu-ZW] Mobile Broadband Number

Daniel Newell daniel at belina.co.zw
Mon Nov 9 14:02:39 GMT 2009

Hi All,

The number I use is *99# with no username or password. Remember though
that some areas don't have 3G yet, for instance I get it in town but not
at home, so maybe that's the same reason you're not getting it...Take a
look at the tower you most often get at work/home, phone econet customer
services (good luck with that) and ask if that tower is 3G. They refused
to give me the full list (apparently because of security issues) so don't
bother asking...

You can force most new Nokia phones to use only 3G, but bare in mind that
if it's not available, you wont even get gsm/gprs/edge, so no calls/sms's
will make it through, unless 3G is connected.

To force 3G, go to "Settings" -> "Connectivity" -> "Network", and change
the "Network Mode" from "Dual Mode" to "UMTS". To go back to normal just
reverse the process. When I tried this on my phone I got only one bar of
network and the phone refused to connect properly to the web, however it
works fine in town.

I have taken a photo of an insert econet had in the paper a few weeks ago.
It shows network coverage and is available here
(http://www.belina.co.zw/Pics/Econet_Coverage.jpg) for anyone who's


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