Dreamweaver VS Quanta Plus

Joseph Bunga josephb at harvest.co.zw
Tue Feb 17 10:51:57 GMT 2009

Hi simpson

We are using ubuntu as a workstation(20 workstations) and our
productivity has gone up because we don't have our machines crashing all
the time .....

For an alternative to Dreamweaver - try Quanta Plus - you should find it
in add remove.

Would love to hear what you think of this alternative


On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 12:37 +0200, Simpson Moyo wrote:
> Great stuff Patel,
> I am currently running an ubuntu development server on my home
> network. It is also running ebox for traffic shaping and ip address
> allocation.
> I am also running Ubuntu on my development pc - Ubuntu still has a
> long way to go when it comes to workstation setup... it took me close
> to 3 weeks to get everything i needed working 100%. but even then...
> all opensource WYSIWYG IDEs are totally crap so i have to use wine to
> run dreamweaver...  (which crashes on all later dreamveaver versions
> so i have to use a 7 year old version of dreamweaver). My productivity
> has gone down about 15% but im sure with time and with the right tools
> this will improve.
> Overall:
> I LOVE Ubuntu as a server. Its ok as a workstation, but still has a
> long way to go... No where near windows... but if you factor in the
> fact that windows costs $$$$, and that most users dont need to do half
> of what i need to do... then i guess ubuntu is a good alternative to
> windows for most people...
> But i have to say... it has a very bright future...
> Simpson Moyo
> On 2/17/09, Kalpesh Thaker <luminary06 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Just a quick update on our locally hosted repository for the last couple
> > days!
> > i have been working hard in the background to get some new stuff going on
> > our repository server...
> >
> > New downloads have been added to the ISO section of the site (
> > http://archive.ubuntu.org.zw/ubuntu/iso/)..
> >
> > i have added 8.04.2 Desktop/Server/Alternate ISO's to our collection... so
> > for those of you out there running
> > LTS releases of Ubuntu 8, this may be a worthwile upgrade. The alternate ISO
> > cd images can be used to easily upgrade
> > your machines from older ubuntu versions....
> >
> > You will also find Edubuntu ISO images on our server... apparently this
> > version of ubuntu is mainly directed for schools
> > and other educational entities. It is recommended for ages 8-18 if im not
> > wrong......
> >
> > I have included the Edubuntu v7 & v8 images. For v7, you will find desktop
> > and server versions, however for v8, they have only
> > released addon cd's which install the edubuntu facilities as an addon to
> > already setup ubuntu desktops.
> >
> > i will be running tests of edubuntu software for promotion in schools
> > soon... One of our current projects in the zim loco team
> > is to promote ubuntu in the computer classroom.....obviously there are alot
> > of snags involved in converting schools from closed
> > to open source infrastructure, so we have got quite a huge task ahead.
> >
> > However, with the help of our very own parliamentarian team member, we may
> > get there ;)
> > for now we will need to approach schools and try and come up with a solid
> > solution for them...edubuntu is definitely one of them.
> > In an ideal world.. i'd like to see police stations, gvt schools, and other
> > government/non-government offices using open source based
> > desktops. We all realise just how powerful ubuntu software can be... and
> > will definitely give MS a run for its money in these scenarios.
> >
> > In the downloads section, you will also find DVD images of the recently
> > released Debian version 5 (lenny). I am trying get the addtional 4 DVD
> > images, however this may take a while due to their sizes. If you are a
> > debian junky (like me).. please feel free to give it a go....
> >
> > New repositories have also been added... these are compiling everyday,
> > overnight.. ...once completed, they will show up on the
> > archive.ubuntu.org.zw site. I have added Ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) as well as
> > debian v5 for those interested. the repositories do take
> > time to build, so check back next week sometime if you're keen on using
> > these. I have removed the ubuntu 7.04 repository as i feel its rather a
> > waste of space. However, 7.10 is still running on there.
> >
> > For those of you who use CentOS, heres a reminder that we have an up to date
> > CentoOS repository setup on our servers as well...
> > you may find details of this page http://archive.ubuntu.org.zw/centos/
> >
> > Also, just another reminder that the built in repository list of
> > zw.archive.ubuntu.com in an ubuntu installation, is NOT our local
> > repository......this repo is actually based in South Africa and is
> > appaulingly slow for us in ZIM. if you need to connect to our local
> > repository,
> > please visit www.ubuntu.org.zw...where you will find a neat little how-to.
> >
> > Our repository is not publically accessible, and only allows connections
> > locally within zimbabwe...we are looking into getting our repository
> > certified as an official repository, however one of the requirements of that
> > certification, is that it has to be publically accessible.
> > I am looking into this, and will get back to you when we have a final
> > resolution on the issue of international bandwidth.
> >
> > Any feedback/suggestions/comments/complaints on the repository server from
> > you are most welcomed....
> > so please do get in touch.
> >
> > All repo help/enquiries can be directed to repo at ubuntu.org.zw or you may
> > contact myself directly
> >
> > regards
> >
> > kalpesh.
> >
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