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Kalpesh Thaker luminary06 at
Tue Feb 17 07:02:14 GMT 2009


Just a quick update on our locally hosted repository for the last couple
i have been working hard in the background to get some new stuff going on
our repository server...

New downloads have been added to the ISO section of the site (

i have added 8.04.2 Desktop/Server/Alternate ISO's to our collection... so
for those of you out there running
LTS releases of Ubuntu 8, this may be a worthwile upgrade. The alternate ISO
cd images can be used to easily upgrade
your machines from older ubuntu versions....

You will also find Edubuntu ISO images on our server... apparently this
version of ubuntu is mainly directed for schools
and other educational entities. It is recommended for ages 8-18 if im not

I have included the Edubuntu v7 & v8 images. For v7, you will find desktop
and server versions, however for v8, they have only
released addon cd's which install the edubuntu facilities as an addon to
already setup ubuntu desktops.

i will be running tests of edubuntu software for promotion in schools
soon... One of our current projects in the zim loco team
is to promote ubuntu in the computer classroom.....obviously there are alot
of snags involved in converting schools from closed
to open source infrastructure, so we have got quite a huge task ahead.

However, with the help of our very own parliamentarian team member, we may
get there ;)
for now we will need to approach schools and try and come up with a solid
solution for them...edubuntu is definitely one of them.
In an ideal world.. i'd like to see police stations, gvt schools, and other
government/non-government offices using open source based
desktops. We all realise just how powerful ubuntu software can be... and
will definitely give MS a run for its money in these scenarios.

In the downloads section, you will also find DVD images of the recently
released Debian version 5 (lenny). I am trying get the addtional 4 DVD
images, however this may take a while due to their sizes. If you are a
debian junky (like me).. please feel free to give it a go....

New repositories have also been added... these are compiling everyday,
overnight.. ...once completed, they will show up on the site. I have added Ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) as well as
debian v5 for those interested. the repositories do take
time to build, so check back next week sometime if you're keen on using
these. I have removed the ubuntu 7.04 repository as i feel its rather a
waste of space. However, 7.10 is still running on there.

For those of you who use CentOS, heres a reminder that we have an up to date
CentoOS repository setup on our servers as well...
you may find details of this page

Also, just another reminder that the built in repository list of in an ubuntu installation, is NOT our local
repository......this repo is actually based in South Africa and is
appaulingly slow for us in ZIM. if you need to connect to our local
please visit you will find a neat little how-to.

Our repository is not publically accessible, and only allows connections
locally within zimbabwe...we are looking into getting our repository
certified as an official repository, however one of the requirements of that
certification, is that it has to be publically accessible.
I am looking into this, and will get back to you when we have a final
resolution on the issue of international bandwidth.

Any feedback/suggestions/comments/complaints on the repository server from
you are most welcomed....
so please do get in touch.

All repo help/enquiries can be directed to repo at or you may
contact myself directly


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