Neil Coetzer neil at
Mon Aug 3 18:29:22 BST 2009


Fantastic stuff - I could definitely use that for the cisco side of
things. If ONLY I didn't have to use Windows at work these days. Will
hopefully be able to test it out sometime soon. That's worth at least
another 10 points for OSS.

On 8/3/09, Kalpesh Thaker <luminary06 at> wrote:
> Guys,
> I have just accidently found the mother of all "visio" type network topology
> design programs for ubuntu.
> its called GNS3, and can be installed from our local repo no-prob.
> This clever program can also run as a cisco IOS emulator, that boots real
> IOS images which can be used for cisco
> ios training environments...very cool for learning cisco without having to
> buy a router.
> okes, open source never ceases to surprise me. :) :)
> kt.


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