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Samuel Mukoti samuelmukoti at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 21:59:27 BST 2009

That's sounds interesting.. Did I get you correctly, that the project  
involves developing an accounting solution a FLOSS solution at that?

We're in the process of porting our accounting solutions to Linux at  
the moment. We plan have some OSS editions but the rest will probably  
remain closed source.  Infortunately we have to use that business  
model up until we grow a bit and can support the company on a services  
& support model and not sales.

You can email me directly and we can discuss further.


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On 10 Apr,09, at 7:57 AM, "O. Sinclair" <o.sinclair at gmail.com> wrote:

> Friends,
> on  a flight home recently I happened to sit next to a guy who works
> with trying to ensure rural and city councils have certified and  
> working
> accounting systems. As you can guess I took the opportunity of  
> preaching
> FOSS (hope I did not overdo it) and will contact the guy post-Easter.
> Here is the challenge to us as ZOSS: I am a one-man business and can  
> provide such a solution or support it should some sort of system
> actually be asked for. I can do the specs, the design and so on but
> programme and support - not a change.
> Can we as a community rise to the challenge? ENet up to it? Anyone  
> else
> ready to partner up should anything actually materialise?
> It is a question that has to be asked even if this is a long shot: can
> we as a community deliver and support each other and, of course, at  
> the
> same time make money.
> Sinclair
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