Thoughts on OSS ZW

Simpson Moyo simpsonmoyo at
Thu Apr 9 21:33:12 BST 2009

You know what guys.... I think you are losing objective. I know i am not as
active a member as most of you... but i feel we are starting to focus on all
the wrong things... This is not a battle against Microsoft - i would like to
believe we are here to teach people and give then a better appreciation of
Ubuntu - so they can decide for themselves that OSS is the way to go. Not
dictate to them that it is better because of 1. 2. 3... We are not an
activist group.... (well at least i hope not...)

People will always resist change... so lets introduce new things in a more
diplomatic fashion...

If anything... a debate like this will only make windows fans defend
windows... and Linux fans defend Linux...

If Bill Gates can appreciate Linux as a worthy adversary... we should be
able to appreciate Windows as one too... because in case you haven't
noticed... its the only OS standing in our way... so respect your opponent.

Like Kalpesh said.. Victory is imminent... but lets focus on making better
software and educating people on its use... not petty school girl

Hope i didn't step on any toes...

Just thought that someone needed to say it.

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