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Its been long since the idea of a freedom toaster was suggested but to no
avail.Comrades pamberi with the FREEDOM TOASTER.

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>   1. Thoughts on OSS ZW (Kalpesh Thaker)
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> Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 12:25:30 +0200
> From: Kalpesh Thaker <luminary06 at gmail.com>
> Subject: Thoughts on OSS ZW
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>  Hey guys,
> just some thoughts.... i had a huge discussion with the one guy here at the
> office about why ubuntu
> cannot be compared to windows.. and of why ubuntu wins hands down even
> before the discussion has started.
> purely because ubuntu is free, and the developers working on it, do it as
> an
> open source project, rather than
> as a marketing tool...
> 90% of the other persons argument came down to the availability of windows
> and its
> programs and of how easy it is to use in general. And of how much better it
> looks...
> so,,, i asked the same dude, how much he paid for windows, he said he got
> it
> for free...and that he downloaded it
> off the internet.
> piracy!!!! WTF!!!!!!!??? how can you argue of how windows is better than
> ubuntu, if you pirated it!!!!
> hahaha! im sorry but i just find it very ridiculous....that someone can
> argue so "passionately" over something that
> he legally could be jailed for!! hahaha..i completely freaked out...i just
> cant stand to talk to such people....
>  Seriously though, windows guys will never win this argument.. over which
> is
> better.
> considering you can run an ubuntu machine at nearly 100% of windows type
> average usability....
> and never have to pay for software....  ..as far as im concerned, there is
> no argument.
> the second argument, and i can call it an ARGUMENT (yes, some swear words
> did show themselves), is of how he shot down the
> freedom toaster idea...as being a waste of time.
> see, this is where i lost it......
> i gave him three problems, and wanted him to answer them, being a microsoft
> stooge...
> this is a scenario of around 80% of our fellow zimbabweans, a situation
> which is real on the ground in our present time.
> 1 - the average user will never afford to buy a computer.
> 2 - the average user will have to rely on other parties to provide them
> with
> the "IT education" they will need for a job.
> 3 - the average user will never afford to buy broadband or even a dialup
> connection, in any case dial up is limited for software
> procurement.
> so....what were his answers?????? unsurprisingly, a dumb ass look on his
> face.....
> okes, the sad reality is that we are in this open source fight by ourselves
> in this country... our OSS visions are held by only us.
> and as such, we will have to uphold this vision as a "loco team" as well as
> an "open source community". Its very clear
> after the chat with this fool, that no one really cares about the fellow on
> the street. Guys like this are very oblivious to anything
> else out there, because they can get everything for free, whether its legal
> or not. They just dont care....its time like this,
> that makes me realise just how much BSA could gain from coming to a country
> like this, and believe me, they will
> come. Just a matter of time.. thats all.
> He said he had used ubuntu for 2 months, and called it quits thereafter. so
> i asked him how long he's been using windows,
> and he said most of his life.
> This is the problem, you cant use ubuntu for 2 months, and then expect to
> know and understand how it works... unless this dude
> used ubuntu for 5 years, and windows for also 5 years, i would value and
> respect his opinion.
> Believe me, i know everything there is to know about windows, i've used it
> also for a long time in my life, purely, because
> i didnt know there was a worthy alternative. BUT, there is an alternative..
> and people need to know about it.
> unfortunately,  this is what we will experience in our quest to bring open
> source out into this country.
> my answers to the above questions, were as follows:
> 1 - remove the cost of the OS (microsoft) then deal with bare metal
> hardware
> prices. it is sad, that the price of a computer
> can be driven up to 70% more than the basic hardware cost, because of
> software licensing. Microsoft are very clever, in that they
> have made alliances with brand computers, whereby MS OS's come bundled with
> the machine, whether you like it or not,
> and remember, office suites and antivirus are sold seperately!
> 2 - If the relevant person can have his own computer, he will be able to
> invest as much time into learning IT as they want,
> without paying anyone or anything (besides zesa of course). Like most of
> us,
> they may discover a hidden talent within the
> IT underworld, and that could lead them to a job, and an income. With room
> for individual expansion...
> i.e you can be a sadza chef who knows how to setup exim, you will then get
> a
> hungry customer walk in, talking about how shitty
> microsoft exchange can be, you could suggest using exim to him, give him a
> few pointers on how to implement it,
> before you know it, you're an IT manager at that same company, driving a
> mazda bt50 double cab.
> 3 -  the answer to this???? OUR BELOVED TOASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! end of story.
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