General Update - Ubuntu Zimbabwe

Neil Coetzer ncoetzer at
Tue Sep 23 09:10:39 BST 2008

Dear all,

My apologies that the LoCo Team has been so quiet just lately. This does
not mean we've been idle! This is just a general update so that the
community has some idea of what we're up to.

-- Meetings --

As you would have seen from the minutes of our last meeting, attendance
was much better than the previous month, so a big thanks to the new
faces and we hope to see them again! Please be advised of the next
meeting, scheduled for Wednesday 1st October, at Round Table JV, 6.00pm
for 6.30pm.

-- Online presence and communications --

The Web site team are working hard on getting our local site ready. A
big thanks to all the guys contributing. 

A number of project and responsibility specific mailing lists have been
set up on the domain, to facilitate better communications
between Loco members (without bogging down this mailing list). All
community members are free to send mail to these lists though, which

repo at - Delivers to those involved with the repository

webmaster at - Delivers to the Web site team

team at - Delivers to all LoCo Team members

Thanks once again to Kalpesh for setting these up and administering the

-- Ubuntu awareness --

Those of you who subscribe to the CSZ monthly newsletter will have
noticed our announcement of the launch of our repo in the last
newsletter. We will endeavour to make sure that we have a useful and
meaningful "article" in the CSZ newsletter every month.

In an effort to promote Ubuntu and create awareness, we are embarking on
a supplier affiliation project. This will involve computer suppliers
displaying an Ubuntu demo PC at their premises, and being able to
provide basic support to Ubuntu users, while also promoting awareness of
Ubuntu and open source to their customers. Talks have started with one
supplier who is very eager to get on board, but we are still in the
planning stages. You will be updated on progress.

-- Any ideas? --

In line with the documents sent out previously regarding the issuing of
certain certificates for recognition etc, we are currently looking for
any printers who might be able to sponsor the printing of these
certificates (as well as brochures and posters). If you have any ideas
or suggestions, please let us know.

I hope you're all psyching up for Intrepid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10),
scheduled for release on October 30th!


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