Wireless Problems on 8.10

Neil Coetzer ncoetzer at halsteds.co.zw
Tue Nov 25 10:07:16 GMT 2008

Kalpesh, thanks for samba fix. I've also finally got around to sorting
out my wireless issues on Intrepid this morning. There is actually a bug
which concerns those who have upgraded from Hardy, although I've lost
the link to the bug report. So for those who have upgraded to Intrepid
and have been experiencing problems with wireless:

- Edit /etc/network/interfaces and comment out (with a #) all the
entries for network interfaces EXCEPT that which concerns your loop back
interface (lo). The network manager applet seems to have issues with
statically configured interfaces, and that is what causes the problem.

- Make sure that the Network Manager applet is enabled under Preferences
> Sessions.

- Restart networking, log out and log back in. Alternatively, it might
be easier just to reboot. When you log back in, the network manager
applet should start and you'll see it running in the system tray.

- Right-click on the tray icon and select "Edit connections". Add your
connection(s) and it should connect without any problems. If you use
multiple networks at different locations, once configured like this, it
should auto-connect at each location. Although I'll only get to test
that when I get home tonight.


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