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Nyasha Chasakara nchasakara at datvest.co.zw
Thu Nov 6 09:23:28 GMT 2008

Thanks Kalpesh and your team. The site definitely looks good and comparable
to other similar country specific sites I have come across and guys I must
commend you for building a repository site that will make a huge difference.
I always wondered why no-one was doing it! 

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Hi All,

This is a fairly important email,

since our local website is now fairly functional, we'd like you all to
have a look, and post us any feedback or thoughts on how we could
improve on anything you might think of.

There are a few changes still to be made after a discussion we had
so please bare with us :) we're all noobs at web design incase you
didnt realise :)

have a look at www.ubuntu.org.zw

okay.. now for the important stuff.... since we are linking to the
repository via the website,
i will be restricting access to the repository mirror to only local IP's.

so only local zimbabweans will get access to the mirror....
and we will need your help with this....

here's what i need you to do.. so that i can whitelist your ISP
allocated IP address,
to give you access to the mirror.

Please browse to the following site:

then copy and paste the first two blocks of the ip you are given on the

for example if you are given the IP
please send the 196.33 part only! if you know who your ISP is,
please may you indicate what ISP you connect through.

I will be adding the x64 ISO's of Ubuntu 8.10, as well as Kubuntu 8.10

if you are still not sure on how to connect to our repository... please
http://zimbabwe.ubuntuforums.org , i've posted a "how-to" guide on there.

Please send your IP address replies directly to repo at ubuntu.org.zw.



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