Open Source Classroom Management

Neil Coetzer ncoetzer at
Fri May 16 11:29:24 BST 2008

Looks very good and apparently works perfectly on Ubuntu. :) At first
glance, this will be ideal for schools running open source.

Will be checking this out myself as soon as I can download it. Getting
terrible speeds from that site though.

FYI, Kingdom Academy might be interested in setting up a system in the
near future and have mentioned this to Larry Greeff who I work with. He
will be pushing the Ubuntu route and has already expressed an interest
in OpenICDL. We don't have a time frame yet, so not sure when exactly
they want to do this. However, it could perhaps be something that the
team could get involved with?? If we could offer them a completely free
open source system, I think it would be an awesome pilot project for the
LoCo Team. If it works out, it will still be Larry's baby but he would
be more than happy to let us get involved. What do you guys think?

I would think Edubuntu, OpenICDL (eventually) with the additional open
source classroom management software thrown in. Comments?


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